Friday, January 18, 2013

Pink as the Passion Pit Shirt...

First of all, Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today I went to Moreton Island with Dolphin Wild Cruises (  The day started early, at 7:45 I got picked up from the hostel.  We picked up a family of 4 and a girl my age, Poppy, from another hostel and set off about an hour's drive away to the marina.  When we got to the marina, there were a ton of bright blue jellies in the water.  They were like an electric blue and were so cool to see.  Then we hopped on the boat ready to start the day.  After a 20 minute safety/introduction talk, we headed out toward Moreton Island.  On the way a couple of pods of bottlenose dolphins swam neft to the boat and were awesome to see.

After about an hour, we made it to the island and they got set up for boom netting.  Basically, they put a small fishing net in the water attached to the back of the boat and have 4-6 people climb on.  Then, they drive the boat and you hold on tight.  It reminded me of tubing at LWC.  I got to go twice and it was awesome.  Then, we suited up in snorkel gear to go snorkeling around the Tangalooma wrecks.  7 ships between 1964 and 1988 were placed there to create a breakwater for the island and they've turned into a reef.  We saw some pretty fish and it was cool to explore around the wrecks because it was something I'd never done before.  It also made me really excited for Cairns.

After snorkeling they served lunch.  It was pretty simple sandwiches and chicken but it was fine for a day on the water.  We had about 2 hours to just hang out in the water by the island.  Poppy and I swum along for a bit and floated in the ocean.  She got out, but I wasn't ready to until we had to.  I grabbed a noodle and hung on to the buoy that they'd sent out as a swim marker.  As it swayed back and forth in the current, I swayed with it.  I stayed there til we had to get out of the water.  The boat went further up the island and we saw more dolphins, turtles and dugongs (South Pacific Manatees ish).  Then, something really amazing, and you knew it was amazing because the tour operators were excited, we saw a seal.  We slowed down and it started playing around the boat.  Then, it jumped onto the back deck and tried to climb the ladder that had been brought in!  It was so cool!  When it hopped off it was finally time to head home.  Poppy and I sat at the top deck for the trip home.  I'm pretty sure it was in that last hour that the sun finally got to me.  Now my back is burnt and my arms are a little pink.  The spf 50 lasted a long time but I'm going to need double and triple applications in Cairns!

It was an awesome day!


  1. I love wreck diving! Come visit me and we can snorkel around one of Captain Kidd's ships.

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  3. Sounds like it was a fantastic day! Living vicariously through your postings! xxox, Mom