Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Landed in Sydney!

Just a quick update. Our flight from LAX to Sydney was uneventful but it did leave an hour late and therefore landed a half hour late. In LA I met a nice couple from Nashville who were headed for a cruise in Sydney. We were sharing stories about different trips we've taken, they've been all over the place. Then, since our flight was delayed, the husband decided to start asking presidential trivia...APUSH was a looong time ago so I didn't do very well, but it passed the time while we were waiting. Did you know Lincoln was the only president to hold a patent? I didn't either.

Finally, we got to board the 747. I was seated in seat 73D, there were only 75 rows on the plane, so I was at the way back. I was in the aisle seat of the middle section of seats. I sat next to Sister Bernadette who had just spent two years in Washington DC getting her Master's in Psychology and was finally going home, she was sad to leave America. I told her a little bit about my trip and learned a few Australian pronunciations. Cairns is pronounced Cannes with a soft 'a'. Melbourne is Mel-bin. I'm sure I will butcher a ton of their pronunciations but it was nice to learn a couple. Thanks to Ambien, I slept for most of the flight, minus the last 4-5 hours. I watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower on the in-flight entertainment and Moneyball on my iPad. Moneyball was way better as a book. The view coming into Sydney was beautiful though, we could see all the beaches. I didn't see the harbor though.

Customs was no problem, I accidentally went through the line that said I came in from a domestic flight so I got to skip the actual customs line after going through immigration. That was nice. I was still too late to make my Adelaide connection and discovered that my carry-on suitcase was both too big and too heavy to be carried on to a domestic flight. So I got rebooked on a flight an hour later and paid to check my bag. I'm posting this from the gate and boarding has just started so I'll post this and check in again later!

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